25 Questions to Ask Your Internet Service Provider

Sun Dec 30 2018


When you are looking for a local internet service, there are so many questions to ask. However, when you get on the phone, you forget what they are, until […]

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When you are looking for a local internet service, there are so many questions to ask.

However, when you get on the phone, you forget what they are, until you hang up the phone. How frustrating! There are many questions to ask when you are thinking about switching internet providers. Changing internet providers can be stressful, but being prepared can help ease some of the stress.

To help you make the change, here are 25 questions to ask your internet service provider.




It is important to understand the speed you will get with the internet company you choose. This can be vital to the needs of the family. Maybe you have multiple users and multiple devices that need to use data at the same time. Make sure to ask the questions that will give you the answers you are looking for.

  1. What are your upload speeds?
  2. Do the upload and download speeds vary depending on how many users are on the network?
  3. What are the maximum upload and download speeds I can get with the packages you offer?
  4. Does your company use data caps on the amount of data transferred by a user account on the internet services? Does it impact upload speeds?
  5. If you have a data cap, what is it? Is the data cap explained in the consumer contract?


Equipment and Software


The equipment and software a company uses can mean the difference between good service and great service. Many companies have similar equipment, but you should still ask; you can’t just assume it will all be the same.

You also want to make sure the software they are using is designed to handle your needs. As new technology emerges, companies need to keep up and incorporate them into their systems. This makes the company better and gives better service to their customers. This is an ever-changing and emerging cycle of technological integration that is vital to both customers and companies.


  1. When switching internet providers, is the equipment similar to what I currently have?
  2. If I am changing internet providers, will the software be similar to my current software? Are there options in choosing up the kind of software I want and need?
  3. Will my provider guide offer me a full listing of the programs I have available? Is it easy to use?
  4. Does my provider guide have large fonts, so I can easily see them? Can I adjust the settings as needed, or are they fixed?
  5. Does choosing up to the maximum number of channels have a discounted rate or extra benefits?
  6. Does the company offer business internet services? What is the broadband for this kind of business internet services?


Security and Maintenance


Some of the most important questions to ask revolve around security and maintenance. Security of your sensitive data is critical for many people. Not only do most people have their personal information on their computers, but they also use the internet for work purposes. The work you do is sensitive to your company and needs to be protected.

Make sure the company you choose offers this kind of security. And, if they offer the security, find out what kind of maintenance and updates they do to the system so that they are keeping up with increasing threats. If the company does not keep up with security, your data security can be risked, and your information can be disseminated to strangers.


  1. Is my search history stored on the network? How long is it stored, and do I have a certain amount of space to use as part of my plan? Can I purchase more if I need it?
  2. How many users can the network securely protect? Is there a cap on the maximum users?
  3. Is my search history safe with the network? Can anyone outside my network gain access to my confidential information?
  4. Does the internet company provide routine maintenance on its network security? Do they offer it to the subscribers, as well?




Sometimes the price is a determining factor when choosing a new internet company to provide you services. It is important to find out what comes along with the price you will pay for the plan. You need to make sure you can get what you need. 

You can usually compare different companies, but sometimes the selections that come with them do not align. So, make sure you know what you are paying for and do not assume things are included unless they are explicitly spelled out. 

Other issues you need to consider are net neutrality and how much customer service you’ll receive.


  1. Does your company participate in net neutrality? What is their net neutrality policy, and do they participate in the anti-discrimination aspects of the idea?
  2. Does the price of the services include good customer service? How does the service provider rank in customer service?
  3. Does the company offer DSL loans? If so, what are the terms of the DSL loans?
  4. What are the different levels of service you offer? How much are they? Am I locked into a plan, or can I change it if I find a different one will meet my needs better?




Most internet companies require you to sign a contract for services. You need to make sure you read over the contract, find out if you can make changes, and understand what package you are signing up for. This is important because you can get stuck with a contract after signing it.

Some contracts charge you a fee to get out of the contract before it ends. Part of your contract will regard your broadband coverage. It’s vital to make sure that this coverage is adequate for your family. Otherwise, you won’t be happy with your service.


  1. Is the ISP contract readily available for the consumer to review? If so, is the ISP contract negotiable?
  2. Is there an ISP agreement in place? What are the most important aspects of the ISP agreement?
  3. Are there options when choosing a network or is it a standard package? When choosing a network, what kind of security comes along with it? Is it customizable?
  4. What kind of broadband connection does the company offer? Is it comparable with services offered by other companies and how is it different from other companies?
  5. What is the final price after taxes? (Most companies won’t advertise their rate with taxes & fees included)
  6. What additional costs come with the contract? (These can include administrative costs, service call charges, network recovery fees, and overage fees)


So, keep these questions close by. You will find out all the information you need to make an educated, thorough decision about your internet company when looking for a new local internet service.

It is important to make sure you have a list of questions that will help you make a decision that might result in you being locked into a multi-year contract. This means you’ll be able to be happy with your decision and enjoy both your internet and the company providing it.

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